In the first race of the day Paul McCloskey took the 5k in 11:40 followed by Jake Maarse in 11:41 with Emma Wheeler took the ladies division in 17:53, followed closely by Margaret Scott in 17:54, great race ladies.

After warming up in the 5 k, Jake Maarse easily won the 10k in 24:04 followed 3 minutes later by Marc Baillon followed closely by a local and long time skate the laker Dave Burt. Heidi Hatch, sore knee and all,  held the lead for the women in 31:16 coming in a half second ahead of Jan Zwaan!

The 25 kilometer marathon was easily taken by Adrian Loewen with a time of 55:02, 7 minutes ahead of Dusan Hoferek. Jen Benediktson and Melanie Hundt placed very well in the women’s category with a time of 1:07:39 and 1:09:11 respectively.

The fastest lap times of the day were reserved for the 50K marathon with Sergio Almeralla flying around the oval in 01:57.936 on his first lap, thats over 30 km/h, and long-time Skate-the-Laker, Jake Maarse chasing him 01:57.978 in his second lap of the race. Sergio finished the 50 k in 1:54:48, 2 minutes ahead of Jake. Guylaine Larouche won the women's 50K in a time of 2:02:5,  ahead of long time participant Catherine Kwiecien in 2:18:55, 6 minutes in front of Rosie Chong.  Local competitor Marco Smits narrowly managed to scrape by Portland Outdoors’ president, John Bongers in 2:23:18 after Bongers had to stop for a moment due to technical difficulties, or to help a wounded puppy, we're not sure which,  “There will definitely be a rematch next year” say Bongers.

The crowd of spectators enjoyed the weather and took part in curling, hockey and sleigh rides complemented by the endless supply of hot food and beverages provided by the dedicated team of volunteers. Curling sensation, and RBC Olympian Rachel Homan was a definite crowd favourite demonstrating her skills on the outdoor curling rink and taking part in the ceremonies. RBC Olympian Derek O’Farrell was back again this year to help the relay team “Chairman of the Board” to a respectable tie for 3rd place. The busy day was capped off with DJ music and a laser light show by Johnny 5 and a grand display of fireworks!

For complete race results click on MY LAPS  

For the photo gallery of pics taken by STL volunteer John Truyens click 2015 Pics

Skate the Lake 2015 Race Results, Top 10

50K                                         Time                            25K                              Time
Sergio Almeralla           1:54:48.956                 Adrian Loewen               55:02.366
Jake Maarse                   1:56:44.185                  Dusan Hoferek             1:02:12.502
Charles Beaudoin         2:02:15.212                 Paul McCloskey            1:03:12.957
Guylaine Larouche       2:02:16.157                  Greg Dabrowski          1:03:42.444
Todd Schonewille         2:11:27.825                  Jen Benediktson          1:07:39.539
Catherine Kwiecien     2:18:55.354                  Melanie Hundt             1:09:11.689
Marco Smits                   2:23:18.810                  Neal Hundt                    1:09:11.981
Rosie Chong                   2:24:37.006                 Tonya Hoferek             1:09:18.228
John Bongers                2:24:37.461                  Chloe Segal                    1:09:59.309

 10K                                   Time                                  5K                                       Time
Jake Maarse                24:04.864                  Paul McCloskey                   11:40.616
Marc Baillon               27:41.099                   Jake Maarse                          11:41.415
Dave Burt                     28:50.150                   Mel Roberts                          13:51.050
Mike Petter                  29:31.968                   Matthew Crovella               13:54.158
Wesley Orr                   30:19.496                   Chris Allan                            15:26.182
Wilby McKnight         30:46.975                   Andrew Goss                        15:58.515
Andrew Goss               31:13.609                    Jim Hart                                16:02.458
Heidi Hatch                 31:16.414                     Paul Crovella                       17:17.035
Jan Zwaan                   31:17.020                     Emma Grace Wheeler      17:53.035
Eric Lepage                 34:39.814                     Margaret Scott                    17:54.706

Relay Race

1st Place:  "The Snurf Chasers" - From Syracuse NY, Captained by Isabel Crovella
2nd Place: Team "Cat in the Hat,  Captained by Pegi Crawford-Newlands of Ottawa
3rd Place in a tightly contested finish, ended in a tie
Harmony Landing, Captained by Local Eric Steigerwauld
Chairman of the board Captained by Rebecca Chant w/ assistance from Derek O'Farrell

 The Kids 5K race as always was a big hit with the crowd,congratulations to all competitors;

Boys                                                         Girls
1st       Lucius Peladeau                    Sarah Corvella
2nd     Josh Mohns                             Isobel Corvella
3rd     Aden Dube                               Hannah Mohns