Skate the Lake #9 is over but will not be forgotten for a long time

If the comments from the skaters are any indication "this was some of the best ice we've ever had", " what an amazing crew you have working this event, they're fantastic", then this was a major success.

Skate the Lake is a big event, it is a lot of work, but with all the help from our great team of volunteers it results in an outstanding event enjoyed by all that attend.

Click here for a link to the photo gallery by our photographer John Truyens:

Listed below are the winners, in my opinion all the skater are winners, of the various races;

50 KTimeClass
MaleGoldSergio Almeralla1:47:06.789M3
SilverConstant Montpellier1:47:13 AMM5
BronzeAlex Zamojski2:08:50.287M10
FemaleGoldCatherine Kwiecien2:17:37.419F4
SilverTonya Hoferek2:19:22.107F4
BronzeVicki Stevenson2:40:51.005F4

25 KTimeClass
MaleGoldJake Maarse54:27.266M5
SilverPaul Pickard56:40.583M4
BronzeErwin Baertschi57:05.713M5
FemaleGoldSuzanne Dionne58:35.010F5
SilverKatherine Maine1:01:28 AMF0
BronzeSuzanne Harrison1:07:11.835F4

MaleGoldSergio Almeralla23:36.736M3
SilverPaul McCloskey25:16.552M4
BronzeTerry Knapp28:55.686M5
FemaleGoldDominique Larocque24:49.273F4
SilverCatherine Kwiecien26:33.765F4
BronzeCorinne Schonewille30:43.081F0

MaleGoldSergio Almeralla10:52.393M3
SilverPaul McCloskey11:22.928M4
BronzePaul Pickard11:45.201M5
FemaleGoldSue Warren15:27.968F4
SilverChloe Goss16:22.594F0
BronzeMargaret Cupper Scott16:23.351F1
Junior 5K Race
1stDaniel Carson16:30
2ndAdrien Fraser17:52
3rdSasha McDonald17:59
Relay Race
1stCat in the Hat & thing
2ndTeam Code15:55
3rdThunder claps16:12

The entire race results are available at the site below:

The 10th anniversary edition of Skate the Lake is already in the planning stages. The date is January 25th 2014; keep checking this site for important updates.

Upcoming Events
Activities This Year
  • Bumper Ball
  • Crockicurl
  • Free kids skating area
  • "Skate tails", Snert, Chili and much more
  • Warming areas, bonfires
  • Terrific Fireworks display
  • Public skate to music after final race
  • Portland Outdoors Boutique