Skate the Lake 2014 Race Results: Top 10

Jake Maarse1:57:51.223Sergio Almeralla56:17.967
Jeff Erenstone2:08:33.152Alex Zamojski56:39.245
Willem Langenberg 2:11:07.362Jake Maarse57:16.581
Catherine Kwiecien2:11:17.547Ray Robichaud1:01:17.739
Sergio Almeralla2:13:00.022Dusan Hoferek 1:04:22.736
John Bongers2:24:13.058Willem Langenberg 1:06:17.393
Neal Hundt2:24:36.132Michael Burgener 1:08:15.926
John Ambrose2:24:36.224Catherine Kwiecien1:08:35.481
Marco Smits2:33:32.021Ron Zamojski1:08:48.618
Heidi Hatch2:43:23.470Andrew Moy1:08:54.880

Sergio Almeralla24:21.209Jake Maarse10:39.984
Brian Graham24:52.072Chloe Segal13:32.853
Paul McCloskey25:49.893Chris Allan14:09.181
Marketa Graham26:21.904Emma Grace Wheeler14:14.992
Tomas Graham26:35.205Sue Warren15:36.380
Robert Graham 26:37.710Chloe Goss15:36.535
Todd Schonewille28:05.235Andrew Goss15:36.857
Dave Burt30:21.591Margaret Scott 16:12.720
Carole Woodstock30:48.163Tim Connolly17:09.682
Bryony Schonewille30:49.739Janice Ley18:15.557

Photos of Skate the Lake
Again this year we are fortunate to have a professional photographer
John Truyens chronicle all the activities at Skate the Lake 2015.
These photos will be available as a free slide show and for purchase at Enjoy and relive the experience.

Upcoming Events
Activities This Year
  • Bumper Ball
  • Crockicurl
  • Free kids skating area
  • "Skate tails", Snert, Chili and much more
  • Warming areas, bonfires
  • Terrific Fireworks display
  • Public skate to music after final race
  • Portland Outdoors Boutique